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ALBAFERT SH.PK was established in Saranda, in 2016, aiming to expand the 20 years experience of Albaseed: our Group company in the Vegetables Food Sector.

Today, ALBAFERT owns a full range of plant nutrition products, representing some of the most prestigious firms in the world: HAIFA (Israel), TRADECORP SA (Spain), PHYTOTHREPTIKI (Greece), FUTURE ECO Spain), DISPER (Spain), ALBION LABORATORIES (USA), etc.
Using the corporate motto "PASION AND KNOWLEDGE", ALBAFERT aims to offer Albanian farmers and agronomists the opportunity to achieve the maximum yield in all agricultural crops and conditions of cultivation, based on the rules of the Integrated Crop Management.
Our aim and philosophy is also to produce quality products, without any harmful waste for consumers and the environment.

In our site, you have the opportunity to find and learn about most of Albafert’s products, their content and usage, as well as the analytical programs of the majority of cultures.

We look forward to hearing from you. You are welcome to participate, suggest, or remark and of course share with us your experience.

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